Staking her claim among the state’s top stars, Slone is one to watch. Seven Days

“Julia's music is brilliantly arranged, with layers of harmony and instrumental diversity. Her album, The Baby And The Bathwater, is a joy to listen to.”

— WBKM, The Heart Of Burlington

“Julia has a gritty sweet voice and sings with emotion and believability. Jane Boxall’s drums are consistently ruthless. The performance is splendid.”

— BurlingtonMusic Burlington’s Live Music Blog

“Slone is a talent for our times. She bridges the gap between musical generations and leaves nothing undiscovered.”

— The Point FM

“Trading in an intriguing blend of soul, funk and American roots, balanced by a delicate pop sensibility, southern­ Vermont­-based songwriter Julia Josephine Slone is staking her claim to be among the state’s top young female stars. Her latest album, The Baby And The Bath Water, was released to local critical praise earlier this year, suggesting Slone is one to watch. Or even better, this Thursday when she stops by the Langdon Street Café with an aptly named backing group, Her Fabulous Band.”

­— Seven Days
Vermont's Independent Voice

“Unique sound, great pop, The Baby And The Bath Water is simply humorous and a fun album.”

— The Vermont Music Library

“The group sounded like the legendary London band the Pogues. Anyone who gets a chance to hear these musicians should go.”

­— Valley Post

Album Review in The Brattleboro Reformer

by Jon Potter, A&E Editor

“Julia Josephine Slone’s CD, The Baby And The Bath Water, hits you the way a really fun old friend saunters into the room at a party — in high spirits and with a biggrin on her face. With an irrepressibly rich, shiny sound and abundant spirit, warmth and wisdom, The Baby And The Bath Water is a confident and ear­catching effort from a singer­-songwriter who should be proud of having the vision to aim for something unique and the talent to pull it off. The Baby And The Bath Water doesn’t sound like anyone else’s CD. This is hers, and the smiling confidence it projects is one of its most charming features.

“That’s not to say that Baby And The Bath Water projects attitude over substance. With the help of eight talented friends and a remarkable array of instruments — trombone, clarinet, tuba, violin, trumpet, viola, plus the standard guitar, drums and bass — Slone paints with a colorful palette of sounds, folding doo­wop, Motown, reggae, soul, indie­rock and a persistent wash of lush harmony vocals into seven original songs and three cover tunes.

“Though not strictly a biographical CD, The Baby And The Bath Water does tell the story of a young woman struggling to work out all the balances in life — between wide­ranging ambition and the joys of simple domestic bliss; between chasing dreams and being true to the muse; between charting your own course and sharing your life with someone. Slone does not shy away from dealing with disappointment, heartbreak, break­ups and broken dreams, but she doesn’t dwell on them either. There is a prevailing sense of joy, a smiling spirit of resilience, that helps The Baby And The Bath Water stay sunny.

“Slone, who calls an off­the­grid farmhouse in southeastern Vermont home, has been touring in support of the CD since summer. You can catch her on Thursday, Dec. 2, at 6:30 p.m., at Flat Street Brew Pub in Brattleboro.”

— Jon Potter
The Brattleboro Reformer


“Her music lets you experience what music is all about. From traditional to funky, she delivers a distinct sound that makes you want to sing and dance.”

“She walks you through the musical ages and makes every note an adventure you can't live without. J.J. Slone understands what is it to be a mother, musician, and teacher, and wraps it all up into one amazing package of pure harmony.”

­— Carrie Henry, The Point FM
Vermont’s Independent Radio Network