The Five O'Clock Belles

Julia founded The Five O’ Clock Belles in 2000 while she was studying choral directing at Marlboro College. The all-female ensemble sings original compositions in dazzling five-part harmony, traditional vocal music from around the world, and unique arrangements of contemporary pop, rock, and soul songs.

In 2003, The Five O' Clock Belles released their self-titled debut album. Their upcoming release, Garden Party, will be out later this year. Garden Party features more than 20 tracks of rich, resonant music from the Republic of Georgia, Bulgaria, Quebec, Hungary, Corsica, Great Brittain, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Jewish diaspora.

The Belles have given concerts all around New England, at such venues as Sandglass Theater, Rhythm & Bean, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, The Latchis Theater, The Ballroom, The Academy at Charlemont, Hot Chocolate Sparrow, The Putney School, and more. They have performed in New York at the Green Meadow Music Festival, and in China on a collaborative performance tour and cultural exchange. They have put on shows at schools, fairs, and churches, clubs, private parties, and café's. The vivacious sound and style of The Five O’ Clock Belles appeals to audiences of all ages.

From left to right:
Rebecca Lawrence, Kerry Young, Lynn Mahoney Rowan, Julia J. Slone, Kirsten Schrull